Gary Ducote is the Founder of Shisei Ryu Aikibudo Kai; he has over 38 years of experience teaching budo and divides his time in teaching children and adults, ages from 5 years old and up. He was an avid tournament competitor from the early 1970s through 1995, winning on a routine basis in free-fighting and open-hand and weapons kata. He is a retired LtCol, USAF, with a deep background in teaching martial arts, college and military warfare (Close Air Support Integration) as a subject matter expert. He is also a fully Commissioned Law Enforcement Officer and serves the community as a Patrol Officer/Deputy working single-officer patrol in a small rural town. Ducote Sensei is married; his wife and he have a daughter who is also 1st Degree Brown Belt in the art. Ducote Sensei has trained under  Dr. Karl Marx, Hanshi, founder of Keichu Do, Chuck Clark Hanshi, founder of Jiyushinkai Aikibudo and Phil Scudieri, Hanshi, founder of San Sai Ryu Aikido, Renshi Menkyo Tenshin Ryu. His current focus is on cataloging techniques and self-publishing a book about Shisei Ryu Aikibudo concepts and theories. He is also studying Iaido and Kenjutsu under Scudieri Hanshi. Ducote Sensei favors "standup" styles of swordsmanship. Ducote Sensei has been a guiding force in Shisei Ryu Aikibudo which is well into its 2nd Generation of Black Belts and will be producing its 3rd generation soon.  Ducote Sensei has received recognition as an 8th Dan and above from several organizations, as well as formal recognition as Kaiso of Shisei Ryu Aikibudo.

Ducote Kyoshi - 8th Dan is a full member of the  Zen Nihon Budo Renmei and now serves as the US Branch, Division Director of Nihon Goshin-Jutsu.



Mike Kimball is an active duty US Army Major, a Ranger and an Fire Support Officer for the 4th Brigade/10th Mountain Division. He has been a student of Shisei Ryu Aikibudo for 5 years. He has also studied Tae Kwon Do and other forms of Aikido during his various assignments. He is married, has three children and is a family man. When he is not in the dojo, working on kata, sparring, doing randori, or assisting in classes, he is with his family. Kimball Sensei's strengths are his "forging personality" and his ability to pull the most from the dojo's students. He is an inspiration to the classes due to his exacting nature and demand for precise application of our principles. Kimball Sensei is relentless in his desire to push each person to discover what the art means to them personally. Promoted to 3rd Dan on 26 Jun 10.



Dana Cowell Sensei is an elementary school teacher by profession. Dana has been a part of this dojo for over 4 years and started after attending a Women's Self Defense seminar. Cowell Sensei has spent over a 1,000 hours on the mat, training, assisting and learning. She is married and has a daughter. Also very dedicated to her family, she is a person who has found her niche in this art. Shisei Ryu Aikibudo fits her perfectly, she is a little over 5 foot tall, and a testament to the effectiveness of budo when taught and applied by a person in a manner that "fits" them. Cowell Sensei's strengths are a natural teaching ability and her overall technical precision. As a newly promoted Nidan, she is assuming her role as a lead on our teaching staff and hopes to develop a Women's Program in the future. Cowell Sensei has a gift of "intuition", being able to quickly find the "answer" to situations. Promoted to 2nd Dan on 16 Jan 11.



Daniel Speirs is 17 and a natural for this art. He has been a part of the dojo for over three years now and is without a doubt, a superb uke/tori and detail oriented technician. He has spent over 500 hours on the mat teaching since his Shodan. His ukemi is "cat like". He is undergoing one-on-one training (uchi-deshi) with Ducote Sensei and is learning all portions of Shisei Ryu which include Karate-Do and Judo kata and Randori and Sparring. His basic Kenjutsu skills are starting to emerge as well. Dan is budding into an excellent, Sensei who is a part of our dojo family. Daniel specializes in teaching children who pretty much have all adopted him as a "big brother" and model to follow, which is the function of a young Sensei. Daniel's strength, uncommon for a young man his age; is a deep sense of empathy and concern for others. This translates into deep commitment to his desire to learn. He is a superb Nidan, recently promoted in the Kai, following a pattern set by the Kaiso, who achieved his own Shodan at 16 yrs old. Promoted to 2nd Dan on 16 Jan 11.


Dr. Efrain Padilla is a medical doctor at the VA Hospital serving our Veterans. He has completed his Shodan requirements and will develop into a superb teacher. His strengths are rooted in good and solid randori which he enjoys. Dr. Padilla has been training and in the dojo for over two years. Promoted to 1st Dan on 26 Mar 11.

Lacie Greer - 1ST DAN

Lacie Greer is a 14 year old student who by exception was accepted into the adult program at the dojo. She recently completed her Shodan requirements after 2 and a half years and will develop into a superb teacher. She currently assists in the 5-7 year old classes. She enjoys working with the youth classes and is a real asset to the dojo. Promoted to 1st Dan on 26 Mar 11.

Birgit Moore - 1ST DAN

Birgit Moore is a lady with such a big heart, she has a fervent desire to teach a regular women's self defense program as part of a long term community service and to help women in need. She enjoys kata demonstration and is a budding randori practitioner. He forte is teaching, both adults and children. Birgit is developing into a superb teacher and will become a pillar of the dojo as she grows in experience. Promoted to 1st Dan on 26 Mar 11.

teaching staff hombu dojo

Left to right - Lacie Greer Sensei 1D, Birgit Moore Sensei 1D, Dana Cowell Sensei 2D, Gary Ducote Kyoshi 8D, Daniel Speirs Sensei 2D, far right, Efrain Padilla Sensei 1D.

south east shisei ryu aikibudo dojo

fort Lauderdale, fl


6th Dan Essay

Jeffrey Lane - Shihan currently runs the New England Martial Arts Academy in Saco, Maine teaching Budo, further developing the art of Shisei Ryu.  Promoted to Shodan in 1984 by Ducote Sensei, while they both served in the USAF at Eielson AFB, Alaska. Lane Sensei has over 26 years of experience teaching the budo and has developed and lead programs instructing Mudansha and Yudansha from age 5 through 60. As a competitor, Lane Sensei received numerous first place awards both locally in Miami, Maine and Massachusetts as well as internationally in Okinawa and Japan.  As a retired Senior Master Sergeant (E-8), USAF, he had an opportunity to teach in many varied conditions to include hand to hand combat training for Emergency Security Team members, 52nd Security Forces, deployed to Riyadh in support of Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm and more recently, trained and taught while deployed in the Area Of Responsibility (AOR) as NCOIC Combat Communications, 332nd AEW, Al Jaber, Kuwait, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Southern Watch.  Renshi Lane is married; his wife, son and two daughters are involved in budo.  Renshi Lane has trained under Ducote Sensei, Shisei Ryu Aikibudo, Dr. Karl Marx (10th Dan) Soke, Keichu-Do, Grand Master Fusei Kise (10th Dan) Soke, Shorin Ryu Kenshin Kan, Ron Nix (8th Dan) Kobudo Renmei, Seidokan. Lane Shihan was promoted to 6th Dan - 26 June 2010.

New England Martial Arts Academy


Julie Short Sensei - 3RD Dan

3rd Dan Essay

Julie Short, Sensei for the New England Martial Arts Academy in Saco, Maine, began her career in the martial arts at the age of twenty three, at the Fred Villariís School of Shaolin-Kempo karate in Biddeford, Maine.  In her quest for a martial arts foundation that matched her need for full development, she found the New England Martial Arts Academy.  Short Sensei has numerous hours training and competing in local tournaments receiving numerous first place positions, continuing a winning legacy for Shisei Ryu Aikibudo style.  Short Sensei finds the school fits her personality and is a strong advocate for women in the martial arts.  Short Sensei is a 2nd generation Yudansha. Proudly, as an extension of Julie, her husband, Paul Short is now a part of the Shisei Ryu Aikibudo family. Short Sensei promoted to 3rd Dan 26 Jun 10.



Tom Brocksmith Sensei - 3rd Dan

Brocksmith Sensei began his martial arts study in Wing Chun Kung Fu and Karate-Do in 1986 at the age of 15 when his father was stationed at Kaiserslautern, Germany. His family moved to Mississippi and he began Tae Kwon Do at the age of 19, receiving his 1st Dan in 1993 and 2nd Dan in 1994. He was an avid tournament competitor working up through the ranks (Kata and Sparring). Brocksmith Sensei participated in kickboxing from 1992 - 95 and began training in Shisei Ryu in 1995. Brocksmith Sensei has also been an avid practitioner of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from 1999 to present. Brocksmith Sensei works as a natural disaster claims adjuster and spends a great deal of time  on the road. Despite this he finds time to train and teach. Brocksmith Sensei recently completed top-off training at the Hombu Dojo to learn the latest techniques required by the learning syllabus. He is current and qualified to teach Shisei Ryu Aikibudo. His promotion to 3rd Dan was initially granted in 2005.

Seishin Budokan

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Scott Doerr - Sensei - 2ND Dan

Scott Doerr is a man with a big heart and it shows on the mat. He was originally a student of Lane Sensei in the late 1980s. He migrated through various forms of budo for about 15 years finally settling into the Shisei Ryu Aikibudo Family. He recently completed his "immersion" into this system and operates a small and budding family dojo, teaching both adults and children. Doerr Sensei has very impressive technical skills and his "thumbprint" is his ability to connect with others and fit the technique to them as individuals. Doerr Sensei will no doubt become a shining star in the Shisei Ryu family as he further matures as a Sensei. He was promoted to Shodan on 26 Jun 10.


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